Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Little Lace

I added some new sweaters to my Etsy shop. Love this one. The lace came from a vintage skirt. The best part was the skirt was lined in satin, so I have tons 'o fabric to make other "embellishments and adornments".

I will be participating in a big holiday show this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. I love this show and it has an amazing following.

Unfortunately I cannot sell my sweaters at the show. There is another artisan who does upcycled clothing. But my cardigans are always available on Etsy, and you don't have to come to Denver to get one. Just click a button.

I have a bunch of other items I'll be selling at the show and I'll try to give you sneak peeks this week at some of the things I've created just for this show. Have a great Sunday!

P.S.: it was 70+ degrees this past week and our 27" of snow are gone! Colorado is home to some strange weather :)

1 comment:

{kara} said...

oh no! Sorry to hear your lovely cardigans won't be at the show! :( bummer!
i will see you next week! ready to sell! You should at least wear your cardigans to the show and if people ask, give em your etsy site link!