Monday, August 31, 2009

A Thing for Big Rings

My name is Caroline and I'm a jewelry junkie. There -- I said it. I think I even mentioned it in my bio. Some women have a weakness for bags (not so much), or shoes (kinda, but not rabid) -- but my thing is jewelry.

The good news is -- it doesn't have to be expensive jewelry. In fact, some of my best finds have been under ten bucks. But it does have to be different. And when it comes to rings -- they have to be BIG!

Above is a snapshot of my current collection (minus a few that I thought were big -- but now are really just "medium"). My latest addition is the white baby in the back row center. It was a vintage earring, made into a ring. Found it on Etsy for $20 and had to have it. As Rachel Zoe would say: "I die!"

Did I mention I love vintage jewelry? But I don't discriminate. In fact, three out of the seven rings above are from either H&M or JCrew. I'll let you try and figure out which is which.

Do you have a weakness for certain "things"? Stuff that you walk by, stop dead in your tracks and just HAVE to have? Or at least have to look at and covet? Let me know.

More posts to come on one of my favorite topics: Fashion!

Editor's note added 9/4: Top row rings: Vintage upcycle, Vintage, H&M; Bottom row rings: H&M, JCrew, Vintage, Vintage

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whatcha Doin' This Saturday?

I know what I'm doing. I'll be at the Sweet William Market at Stapleton in Denver. This month's theme is all about Etsy. If you're in the area, stop by! I'll be sharing my booth this month with Jaala Sheldon of jaala jewels. Jaala makes some phenomenal necklaces and earrings and sells them on Etsy as well. Currently her shop is closed as she works on more designs. But as soon as she is back up again, I will do a post featuring a gorgeous necklace she designed for me this summer, and provide a link to her site. Hope to see some of you on Saturday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Domestic Goddess: Back To The Books

My third grader started school today. The first day of school is kind of like New Year's for me. You get this desire to clean out, start new, make resolutions, get back on a schedule...

As part of my back-to-school "cleanse", I've decided I've got to start hitting the books more. I read at least one book a month for my book club, but it's time to add some "in-betweeners". When I need a good read, I always turn to my friend Lisa. Lisa and I bonded over books. She married a dear friend of ours and I loved her right away when I saw she had a copy of "Atonement" (pre-movie of course) and ranked it as one of her favorites!

So I asked the Book Goddess to give me a list of her recent and all-time faves. In her words:

A Confederacy of Dunces - One of my all time favorite books. Hilariously funny and touching at the same time

MiddleSex and The Virgin Suicides - Jeffery Eugenedies is a genious

Dear American Airlines - Just read it this summer. Also funny and touching

Anything by John Irving - (especially A Prayer for Owen Meany) Very excited that he has a new book coming out this fall

Anything by Pat Conroy - (especially Prince of Tides) Also very excited that he also has a book coming out this fall

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Also read this summer. Great beach read. Touching story about a family told from the perspective of their dog

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightTime - Since I am on a dog theme - Great story told from the perspective of a boy with Asperger's syndrome

The Lovely Bones - Sad and toucing story told from the perspective of a young girl that was murdered

Cold Mountain - Very vivid story about a man and a woman in the Civil war

Year of Sorrows - Very detailed story set in a small villiage in England during the plague. The same author also wrote People of the Book - I really enjoyed it also. Very unique story tracing the origins and history of an ancient manuscript

The Number One Ladies Detective Agency - Very entertaining series (7 Books) about an intrepid woman detective in Botswana

The Power of One - Fantastic story about a south african boy who experiences terrible hardships and triumphs

A Town Like Alice - Another one of my favorites - I re-read it every five years or so. It is partially set in Burma (I think) during WW2 and also the australian outback. Great love story

Anything by Ian McEwan - Especially Atonement

See why I love the girl? I just copied and pasted her email comments to me - no editing! We'll always have "Atonement"... ;)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Back-to-school sale! I'm marking down a few of my aprons to $24 in honor of Back-to-School. I know you moms out there looooove this time of year ;) so why not celebrate!?!

Just click on my Etsy shop on the right column and you'll find the following aprons on sale:

Blythe (top -- and one-of-a-kind), Daphne (second), Pippi (third), and Margaret (fourth). Just $24 each! Start the school year off in style!

Ruffles Are All The Rage!

Probably one of my favorite fashion trends these days is the rebirth of the ruffle. Thank you J Crew. I'm not sure they can take all the credit, but J Crew does a pretty darn good job of ruffling anything they can get their hands on.

And it's not prissy ruffles. It's ruffles you pair with a t-shirt and broken in jeans. That's why I love these aprons. You can still be a bit of a "ruffle-phobe", but with an apron, there's little commitment. Pop one on over your jeans and t-shirt, and you are ready for any soiree! Or just wear one to bake a pie. You can't help but feel special.

"Isabella" is my latest creation to be added to my Etsy shop. Feel free to take a peek at all the pretty aprons -- won't ruffle my feathers!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Girl on the Block -- Sophia

This apron really did come from the drapes. It's made from a very soft and pretty Shabby Chic curtain panel. Most of my aprons are made from sheets, but I couldn't let this fabric pass me by. Sophia has 4 layers of ruffles and reminds me of a wedding cake.

I've realized that making clothing from the curtains is really quite commonplace on the silver screen. Of course there's the famous "Gone With The Wind" drapery dress. And who could forget resourceful Maria in "The Sound of Music". The Von Trapp children running all over Salzburg in their play clothes made from curtain panels!

And now another movie has been brought to my attention. In "Enchanted," Amy Adams makes a few dresses out of Patrick Dempsey's drapes. She even turns it into a business at the end of the movie. My daughter loves this "princess" movie -- which is also very adult-worthy. Amy Adams is perfection as Princess Giselle, and with other great castmembers like Mc Dreamy, Susan Sarandon and James Marsden, this movie really is a must-see family film.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Meet Penelope

So I had my first Etsy purchase yesterday! Yea! It's nice to get one under your belt. Granted I do this every couple of weeks at my "markets", but this is my first "cyber sale".

I have been having a blast shopping for "new inspiration". I never realized how many fabulous colors and patterns sheets can come in. My personal sheets are a boring (but very comfy and organic) white. Take a look at the vintage sheet it took to make "Penelope" (see pic above).

SIDE NOTE: in an effort to cut back on confusion, I've decided to name all my aprons. It's also a great opportunity to look at the Baby Name Book again, knowing I will not be naming any more children.

This vintage sheet is loads of fun and the colors are indescribable. The combination really makes it pop. You can also meet "Margaret" by clicking on my Etsy shop (in right margin). She was born out of a vintage Ralph Lauren sheet. Five luscious layers of ruffles -- very proper.

And I promise more to come in the next few days. I've been sewing up a storm.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

French Nest this Saturday in Fort Collins

It's always good to try new things. Last month I tried a new outdoor market in Fort Collins and loved it. So much so, I'll be back again for August.

I know I'm not giving you a ton of notice, but if you happen to be in Northern Colorado on Saturday, August 8th, stop on by. It's from 9-3 in Civic Center Park. Just head toward Old Town and look for the action. There's also a Farmer's Market a couple of blocks up, so you'll have plenty to do.

Hope to see you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Domestic Goddess: Hostess with the Mostest

Who doesn't love a party (except the occasional "party pooper")? There's something heartwarming about being invited to someone's home (or elsewhere) to enjoy food, cocktails, company, conversation and camaraderie.

And hosting a party is a great way to showcase your place, your style and your creativity. I have a friend who is a master at hosting gatherings in her lovely home. Joanne has a natural knack for setting up the most welcoming settings -- especially for her female friends. Her home is classic and cozy, and ideal for entertaining. And her special attention to details can make any get-together magical and memorable.
Here are some photos of a recent Birthday Brunch Joanne hosted for her good friend Dawn. It was sweet, simple and oh-so special:

When you enter Joanne's house, you immediately get a cozy, beachy vibe -- although we reside in a landlocked, mountainous state. Frequent trips to both coasts help her get her fill of the ocean and find her special treasures.

Her living room is perfect for our girl nights of cocktails and conversation. We just sink into the comfy sofas and never want to leave that room.

Here is where we gathered for pre-brunch coffee, tea and mimosas....

Leave it to Joanne to move the dining room outside! She is one of those fortunate ones who has that "perfect" farm table for outdoor entertaining.

The fabulous spread of food in her now empty dining room. Notice on the table: the very first of my famous fitted tablecloths!

And finally -- time to eat. Joanne (the quintessential hostess) is at the head of the table on the left and Dawn (Birthday Girl) is at the other head of the table on your right (I took the photo).

Birthday Girl Dawn (and Wendy) on their custom cruisers. Dawn's "Nanny Blue" was the surprise group gift. She had no idea!

We'll be back at Joanne's soon for one of her famous "Dunbar Movie Nights". More on that fun "girls' night in" event at a later date....

SIDE BAR: I have had the pleasure of making several pillows, slipcovers and tablecloths for Joanne's home. It's so wonderful to work with someone who loves and appreciates the same style as you!