Thursday, August 20, 2009

Domestic Goddess: Back To The Books

My third grader started school today. The first day of school is kind of like New Year's for me. You get this desire to clean out, start new, make resolutions, get back on a schedule...

As part of my back-to-school "cleanse", I've decided I've got to start hitting the books more. I read at least one book a month for my book club, but it's time to add some "in-betweeners". When I need a good read, I always turn to my friend Lisa. Lisa and I bonded over books. She married a dear friend of ours and I loved her right away when I saw she had a copy of "Atonement" (pre-movie of course) and ranked it as one of her favorites!

So I asked the Book Goddess to give me a list of her recent and all-time faves. In her words:

A Confederacy of Dunces - One of my all time favorite books. Hilariously funny and touching at the same time

MiddleSex and The Virgin Suicides - Jeffery Eugenedies is a genious

Dear American Airlines - Just read it this summer. Also funny and touching

Anything by John Irving - (especially A Prayer for Owen Meany) Very excited that he has a new book coming out this fall

Anything by Pat Conroy - (especially Prince of Tides) Also very excited that he also has a book coming out this fall

The Art of Racing in the Rain - Also read this summer. Great beach read. Touching story about a family told from the perspective of their dog

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NightTime - Since I am on a dog theme - Great story told from the perspective of a boy with Asperger's syndrome

The Lovely Bones - Sad and toucing story told from the perspective of a young girl that was murdered

Cold Mountain - Very vivid story about a man and a woman in the Civil war

Year of Sorrows - Very detailed story set in a small villiage in England during the plague. The same author also wrote People of the Book - I really enjoyed it also. Very unique story tracing the origins and history of an ancient manuscript

The Number One Ladies Detective Agency - Very entertaining series (7 Books) about an intrepid woman detective in Botswana

The Power of One - Fantastic story about a south african boy who experiences terrible hardships and triumphs

A Town Like Alice - Another one of my favorites - I re-read it every five years or so. It is partially set in Burma (I think) during WW2 and also the australian outback. Great love story

Anything by Ian McEwan - Especially Atonement

See why I love the girl? I just copied and pasted her email comments to me - no editing! We'll always have "Atonement"... ;)


luckygirlgifts said...

I am excited to be able to read again too. I am so diappointed with myself for missing my last 2 months book clubs. I usually read 3or 4 books a month but with the kids home there's no way.
It's nice to know there are so many other avid readers out there.
Thanks for the book list. I was wondering what to read.

{kara} said...

Hi Caroline... love this list! I also love anything by Pat Conroy and John Irving... loved lovely bones too. I think they are making it into a movie...
see you Saturday