Monday, August 31, 2009

A Thing for Big Rings

My name is Caroline and I'm a jewelry junkie. There -- I said it. I think I even mentioned it in my bio. Some women have a weakness for bags (not so much), or shoes (kinda, but not rabid) -- but my thing is jewelry.

The good news is -- it doesn't have to be expensive jewelry. In fact, some of my best finds have been under ten bucks. But it does have to be different. And when it comes to rings -- they have to be BIG!

Above is a snapshot of my current collection (minus a few that I thought were big -- but now are really just "medium"). My latest addition is the white baby in the back row center. It was a vintage earring, made into a ring. Found it on Etsy for $20 and had to have it. As Rachel Zoe would say: "I die!"

Did I mention I love vintage jewelry? But I don't discriminate. In fact, three out of the seven rings above are from either H&M or JCrew. I'll let you try and figure out which is which.

Do you have a weakness for certain "things"? Stuff that you walk by, stop dead in your tracks and just HAVE to have? Or at least have to look at and covet? Let me know.

More posts to come on one of my favorite topics: Fashion!

Editor's note added 9/4: Top row rings: Vintage upcycle, Vintage, H&M; Bottom row rings: H&M, JCrew, Vintage, Vintage


Sue V said...

Ooooh, I know! But I won't say. You are a ring fanatic! I personlly walk by a bakery and have to have whatever's in the window! Actually, I've always been a sneaker and jacket person. I've toned down a bit but there's something about the fall and getting out a jacket that I just love!

koralee said...

cute post...i think the black one you got at H&M...maybe I am right ...maybe I'am's just a guess. I adore handbags...I have been into vintage ones lately! Happy Weekend to you!