Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Girl on the Block -- Sophia

This apron really did come from the drapes. It's made from a very soft and pretty Shabby Chic curtain panel. Most of my aprons are made from sheets, but I couldn't let this fabric pass me by. Sophia has 4 layers of ruffles and reminds me of a wedding cake.

I've realized that making clothing from the curtains is really quite commonplace on the silver screen. Of course there's the famous "Gone With The Wind" drapery dress. And who could forget resourceful Maria in "The Sound of Music". The Von Trapp children running all over Salzburg in their play clothes made from curtain panels!

And now another movie has been brought to my attention. In "Enchanted," Amy Adams makes a few dresses out of Patrick Dempsey's drapes. She even turns it into a business at the end of the movie. My daughter loves this "princess" movie -- which is also very adult-worthy. Amy Adams is perfection as Princess Giselle, and with other great castmembers like Mc Dreamy, Susan Sarandon and James Marsden, this movie really is a must-see family film.

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