Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Another rhyme...

Time for poem number two. I wrote this one in 2001, after my first son Will was born. He's almost nine now...

Christmas of yesterday
Was quite a different story
A husband and a dog
Were my only two worries.

Office gatherings, parties....
What should I wear?!
Jewelry and makeup
And don't forget hair!

Holiday hangovers
From a nip of the nog
And shopping at Petsmart
To get gifts for the dog.

Up late Christmas Eve
Sleeping in Christmas Day
Presents galore!
The VISA I'll pay.

It sounds pretty good
And certainly not a bore
But I started to feel that
I wanted something more...

Along came a baby
In March of '01
Who made the holidays more special
And certainly more fun.

Now time is a premium
But what really matters?
More ease or more joy?
I'd much take the latter.

I still have all the baking
And the presents to wrap
But unlike before
I do it all while he naps.

Big gifts may be less
And budgets may be tighter,
But the tree seems much prettier
And the lights shine much brighter.

Traditions are more meaningful
Simple things bring more joy
Christmas is more Merry now
Because of one little boy.

The meaning of Christmas?
It has become very clear
And it will only get better
Year after year.


Elyse said...

this is very sweet. i especially like:
More ease or more joy?
I'd much take the latter.

wishing you the happiest of holidays!


Jill said...

You are creative! I love the irony (intended or not) of the increased joy because of one little boy (could also mean the baby Jesus). I have a Will too but he's 15!