Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Domestic Goddess: Beauty Basics

Denver is mile above sea level. As a result, our air is arid. Arid extra dry. We Colorado girls really have to take care of our skin. And while humidity can be uncomfortable at times, there's something to be said about "dewy" skin. "Dewy" only happens in a bottle here...

Above are some of my favorite "beauty in a bottle" (or tube) products. You can find all of these at your local Target, drug store, or health food store.

I can't live without:

  1. Chapstick Overnight: I'm still looking for an "ultimate" daytime lip balm. Must have SPF, a slight tint, yet not be sticky. Any suggestions??? Please let me know!

  2. Organics Desert Essence hand and body lotion in Vanilla Chai: smells so yummy you want to drink it up.

  3. Aquaphor: so much better than Vaseline. Slap this stuff on with a pair of socks before bed and you'll wake up with the smoothest, softest feet.

  4. Dove Energy Glow: we all know by now the dangers of too much sun. But ya gotta love a tan. Even just a glow. I love this product because it doesn't smell "self-tannerish" -- actually has a hint of citrus to it, and it creates a very subtle glow.

  5. St Ives Apricot Facial Scrub: It's inexpensive but totally does the trick. I realize now how important exfoliation is. Comes only second to sunscreen in my book.

  6. Olay Beauty Lotion: my mom has used this stuff for years, and she looks great. Enough convincing for me. And of course mine includes an SPF.

  7. Finally, not pictured, my own personal "sugar scrub". I ran out of my "name brand" body sugar scrub one day, and decided to make my own. I use the organic sugar from the grocery store, canola oil and lavender essential oil for a slight scent. Exfoliates, softens and smells great. And it's cheap!

But sometimes you need a little more help than "home care". Or maybe just a little pampering. My dear friend Kelly Olmsted is the owner of Face Logic Spa ( This place is your one-stop spa for all the "don't try this at home" things: facials, microdermabrasion, masks, peels, waxing... And they are so reasonable. Under $50 for an awesome facial. Give them a try! I have been known to doze off during the massage part -- so relaxing and such a treat!

On that note I must say that they call it "beauty sleep" for a reason. Too many nights of burning the midnight oil, and no magic potion is going to fix that... Good night! :)

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Sue V said...

I'm going to try the aquaphor tonight. I actually did the vaseline thing last night and it didn't quite do the trick. I also really need to get into Kelly for a facial. It's such a treat! I agree wholeheartedly about the Olay - it does wonders and doesn't break the bank. Thanks for the great tips! :)