Saturday, June 20, 2009

Group Project: The $5 Question

As I mentioned in an earlier post, sometimes I'll shine the spotlight on one goddess. Other times I'll need to summon the masses...

For this Group Project, I asked my friends the question:
"If you had a $5 bill, how would you spend it?"
The results are in! The thing I love about us girls is that we can covet the most exquisite, luxurious items in life, but when it gets down to it, we are pretty easy to please.

One thing is for sure: we ladies love our Starbucks. All different kinds and sizes. Too many to mention, but here's a few orders:
"Venti decaf peppermint mocha"
"Grande decaf mocha, non-fat, no whip, with two pumps"
"Venti mocha frappucino, while I sit and read a book"
For others, sustenance was the little treat that got us through the day:
"Lunch at Qdoba"
"Breakfast at Einsteins"
"Del Taco tacos"
"A huge sundae at Cold Stone"
Some just needed a little break from life:
"A half hour of babysitting time"
"A huge beer... it's been a tough week"
"Five lottery tickets"
"A bottle of ginkgo biloba!"
And others just wanted to add a little "pretty" in their life:
"Stickers from Archivers"
"Fresh flowers for the kitchen table"
"A candle or little trinket"
"A little ring from Etsy"
"Five dollars in quarters for my son to drop in donation buckets -- he would love that"
My thank you's to all of you who responded with such great answers: Wendy B, Wendy K, Amy, Lizzie, Sue, Mary, Linda, Sandi B, Kelly L, Kelly O, Shannon, Ashley, Lisa P, Stacy and Teri...
How would I spend my five bucks?
  1. Buy the $1 hot fudge sundaes from McD's for me and the kids -- such a bargain!
  2. Hit a bucket of golf balls at the range -- haven't swung the club in a while
  3. A vintage pin on ebay
  4. A half (or whole) yard of fabric that catches my eye
  5. A big fat fashion magazine -- like Vogue's fall "phonebook"

Next post I'll give you some ideas of how you could spend $5 with caroline joy next Saturday at the June Sweet William Market...

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