Monday, June 29, 2009

The best place to shop for home accessories in Denver...

So, a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I would be a vendor at the Sweet William Market June 27th. Well, on the eve of market day, I was sooooo pleased to discover that the Sweet William Market was listed as one of the many "reasons to love Denver" by 5280 Magazine. The category specifically: Editor's Choice for Home Accessories Shopping. That gave me an extra thrill, considering I'm all about home accessories.

Congrats to Kim and Lizzie of the Sweet William Market. And for all of you who haven't experienced this fabulous open-air market yet.... we'll see you in July!

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Sue V said...

Yay for SWM! It's a great venue and so much fun to look around! I have several things in my house from there. It scares my husband everytime I say I'm going to help Caroline set up at Sweet William Market. You never know what someone will bring home. But there's always something for everyone!