Thursday, June 4, 2009

Domestic Goddess of Physical Fitness

My "little" sister Mary is 6'1". She's a tennis player, basketball player, runner, swimmer, cyclist, and golfer. She masters every sport she tries. She's coached basketball and tennis at all levels. She's a working referee. She's completed marathons, triathlons, and is an Ironman (though I prefer to say "Ironwoman"). I'm still not sure how we are related.

But I'm glad we are. Because when I feel like I need to start a new workout, or kick my current workout up a notch, I know where to turn. I asked Mary to share her "five things to consider" when starting your own personal workout journey:

1. Figure out WHY you want to workout:

  • stress relief

  • to be healthy

  • weight loss

  • social reasons/networking

  • time alone

  • to look good (of course this is an added bonus!)

  • or some other reason you may have

2. Figure out WHAT you like to do:

  • Do you like the gym atmosphere?

  • Do you like the camaraderie of group classes (spin, yoga, pilates, etc...)?

  • Would you like to have a trainer tell you what to do (there are affordable options)

  • Do you like the feeling of pumping iron (free weights and machines)?

  • Do you like the freedom of being outdoors, whether it's a good walk, hike, run or bike ride?

Also figure out if you like to fly solo or work out with others. Sometimes we're fortunate enough to have a friend to work out with, but other times it's nice to enjoy the solitude. An added bonus to having a workout buddy is there is always that "accountability factor" -- when someone is counting on you.

3. Figure out what fits your SCHEDULE:

  • Are mornings your best time, or can you squeeze something in at lunch?

  • Always schedule your workout just as you would an appointment -- pencil 'em in. It will keep you disciplined and focused.

  • As your workout becomes part of your daily routine, you will not want to skip it.

4. Set some GOALS for yourself:

  • Make some short-term goals and some long-term goals. They can be as simple as "Workout 4-5 times this week and drink 8 glasses of water daily"; or "Run my first 5K in 3 months"; or "Tackle that triathlon I've been dreaming about for a few years."

  • Goals are extremely personal, so make them about YOU and what YOU want to accomplish.

  • Setting goals keeps us on track and gives us little victories along the way.

  • More importantly, there's nothing wrong with adjusting our goals along the way -- nothing is set in stone.

5. Make it FUN:

  • Like everything else in our lives if we don't enjoy what we're doing, we won't continue doing it

  • If you get in a rut (and we all do) mix it up and change things around

  • Laugh and always have FUN!

  • You'll be amazed at what you're capable of!

One thing that always makes my workout routine fun is MUSIC. My next post will list the top tunes for workouts from a sample of my Workout Goddess friends...

And for more proof that I must be adopted, my twin sister finished 10th out of 400-something 41 year old women in this year's Bolder Boulder. I wished her luck while I slept in late that morning...

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mary mc said...

I think people are even more surprised we're related when they see my LACK o'style and my inability to make everything around me look pretty and put together. That's just 1 reason you have the great business....
; )