Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kits of Caboodle

There's something comforting about a "kit". Everything you need, all in one place. For a mere five dollars, you can have a caroline joy kit, for practically any occasion:

Happy Birthday! Bag:

Essentially it's a birthday party in a bag: candy, party horn, balloons, candles... Just add the cake!
Here Comes the Bride! Bag
All the necessities for those last minute bridal emergencies: dental floss, mints, nail file, bobbie pins, safety pins, confetti, tissues -- even a "something blue" ribbon to tie on.
Bon Voyage Bag
A few treats for your favorite traveller -- or you: packing lists, journal and pen, postcards stamps, compass ring. Don't say "goodbye" without it!
Beauty Queen Bag
We all know a special beauty queen who would love this goodie bag: rollers, necklace, bracelet, rings, ribbons and bows -- even a little tiara crown. Great for a girls' night too!
Life's A Beach! Bag
Pool party? Backyard BBQ? Or just because it's summer: beach ball, water gun, Swedish fish candy, drink umbrellas, and a few shells for authenticity.
Boredom Buster Bag
Combat the "I'm bored!" whines this summer with this handy little kit: bubbles, balls, horn, stickers, spinning top -- and Pixie Stix for that extra little "sugar high."
I will have all my caroline joy kits, as well a bunch of other fun items, this Saturday at the Sweet William Market. Stop on by, and stock on up!


KBAT said...

Cute idea, Caroline! ~Kelly

luckygirlgifts said...

hi, I'm so glad you discovered me so I could discover you. Your little kits are so precious. I love a good kit.
Thank you for your super duper sweet comment.
Cari b.