Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Just Hanging Around...

They say there's no such thing as an "original" idea anymore -- that someone else has come up with it already -- you might just have a different version of it.

Same could be said for these lovely little vases/votives. Being new to bloggerville, I got sucked into the "labyrinth" of looking at other blogs. You know the drill... you click onto one, look at one their favorites, click onto that one, and so the cycle goes.

That being said I saw this adorable idea on a blog, including a link to further instructions on how to make them. I just can't remember which one now.

But I'll tell you "my version":
  1. Take your basic Mason jar (small jam size works best)
  2. Wrap wire around rim and create a handle (I used picture hanging wire)
  3. Swaddle the jar with a vintage handkerchief. These came from my grandmother-in-law and I've been trying to figure out what I could use them for -- voila!
  4. Secure hankie with rubber band
  5. Tie a beautiful ribbon around rubber band to mask it.
  6. Fill with water and your favorite flowers OR a small votive candle and hang!

I was so excited to be able to recycle the handkerchiefs and put them to a good re-use. I will have these vases/votives "hanging around" at my next show, and they can be yours for only eight dollars each. Put a little pretty in your life!

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