Sunday, July 12, 2009

Etsy, Ebay and Vintage Aprons

I love Etsy. It's like going to a 24-hour a day artisan fair, and shopping from thousands of creative artists for one-of-a-kind items you can't find in just any 'ol store. I hope to soon have my creations up on Etsy for anyone and everyone to purchase. :) I'll keep you posted...

But I must confess, before there was Etsy, there was Ebay. Ebay was my first love, and I still remain loyal to Ebay. Ebay, much like Etsy, is a 24-hour shopping haven. But it's more like going to a huge garage sale and treasure hunting. It's where the Etsy sellers go to get some of their goods -- their supplies.

The auction aspect of Ebay really makes it exciting too: putting things on your watch list, seeing what other kind of bids are being placed, and then swooping in at the last minute to snag your prized possession at your perfect price.

I also enjoy buying things by the "lot". If you've ever won an auction on Ebay for a "lot" of something, getting the package in the mail is like Christmas morning. You are just so excited to see what's in the box.

My most recent Ebay treasure was a "lot of vintage aprons". Some sellers put several photos in their ad, displaying every detail of their items, and sharing every flaw and wrinkle. Not this listing. See photo below. That's all I had to go on.

I had to rely on my initial gut instinct that I was getting a good deal. And without revealing the final price -- still in single digits -- I have to say that I did alright. Out of the 15 aprons, five were beyond repair. I "rehabilitated" the remaining ten with some ric rac, fringe, flower buttons and pom poms. What was once an indistinguishable pile, is now ten adorable child's aprons (see photos at top of post). Side note: people must have been a lot smaller in the "olden days", because these aprons are pretty tiny.

You don't always get so lucky with Ebay, but you have to know your limits and what you're willing to work with. And if you're still reluctant to take a chance on the riskier Ebay, you can always go to Etsy and buy the finished "rehabilitated vintage apron" for only five dollars each. I'll let you know as soon as I have the listing up. If you really want and need one now -- let me know! I'll be happy to get one to you.

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{kara} said...

lovely, I think you scored a great deal!