Friday, July 17, 2009

Book Report

I've been in the same Book Club for 8 years now. Some members have come and gone. There are four original members still left (Amy, Wendy, Lisa, and me) and seven that have joined and stayed throughout these years (Sue, Lisa B., Kirsten, Sandi, Brooke, Deb and Cheli -- who despite having moved to Houston, still joins us on occasion for Book Club, and always reads along in Texas).

Amy started it all back in the summer of '01. It's amazing to look back and see how many things we've all experienced throughout these eight years: babies, divorces, moves and home renovations, marital strife, depression, vacations, law suits, new jobs... Along with the countless day-to-day issues: kids, husbands, diets and exercise, school, kids' sports and extracurriculars, growing older, religion, politics... And of course the laughter over things the kids said, what husbands did, too many cocktails at a party, old memories, embarrasing stories, and gossip -- either personal or Hollywood. Oftentimes our book club discussed the most recent issue of People Magazine more than the actual book.

Above is our pick for our 71st book club. In the beginning we were by-the-book monthly Book Club readers. Schedules get busier and getting 11 moms together can be tough. So now we've relaxed things a little and meet anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Someone always hosts at their house and what started as a few snacks (and no alcohol!) is now full-blown dinner and variety of adult beverages -- including the signature wine cooler.

Full attendance can be rare, but the majority of us usually make it. Some come late (after their kids' sporting event, or even their own tennis match) and some miss some months because of vacations, or other goings on. I'm pretty much a regular, as I soooo look forward to a night out of great food and drink, fun conversation and sweet friends.

We just discussed "Sarah's Key" by Tatiana De Rosnay this past Sunday night -- and Cheli was actually in town for her 40th birthday! I asked the girls what their favorite read was over these past eight years. Of course everyone's tastes differ, but there were a few classics -- that when mentioned -- got the "Oh, that WAS a great book! I liked that one too!" So in no particular order, here is a list of our favorites that we read, shared and enjoyed:

  • When the Elephants Dance

  • The Red Tent
  • Life of Pi

  • Bel Canto

  • Memoirs of a Geisha

  • Middlesex

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

  • Post Birthday World

  • The Glass Castle

  • The DaVinci Code

  • and my personal fave: Atonement, though I might be the only one to say so :)
What's your favorite book? We may have to try it at one of our future Book Clubs.


Linda said...

"The Help" is outstanding...I'd almost say a life-changing book...some of the strongest women you will ever meet.

pinkstilettos said...

Hey Caroline~ I know you were asking about my tattoo, so I decided to post a photo up! It's a tattoo of stars. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments by the way!Have a great day! Daisy~