Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Domestic Goddess: La Dolce Vita

A couple of posts ago I asked some friends what is at the top of their list for desired destinations. I believe the beautiful Mediterranean country of Italy received six votes! Make that seven. Top of my bucket list: 1. Visit Italy. 2. Learn a second language.

I have always wanted to speak a second language. I lived in Canada for my first two years of high school, and although Ontario is an English-speaking province, French was a required subject for all. The only problem: I was waaaaay too far behind to even attempt French with my fellow grade-niners. So I took Latin instead. Great language. Dead language, but great for figuring out some of those difficult Trivial Pursuit questions.

I have a dear friend, Mary Rose, who will be going to Italy in a couple of weeks. This is not just another vacation. This is a trip back home to family. Both of MR's parents hail from Palermo, Sicily, and while MR was born in Chicago, she did not speak English until she attended Kindergarten. I asked MR what a couple of key words or phases one should know in Italian. In her words:

"Here’s a couple of words/phrases that are important to know in Italian:

Ciao – hi/bye bye
Grazie – Thank You
Ti Amo (also the name of an Italian song that is one of my all-time favorites) – I Love You
Come si dice _____ in italiano – How do you say _____ in Italian
Mi scusi – Excuse me

La dolce vita – the sweet life. (this phrase represents the ideal Italian way of life, which is the good life and a life filled with pleasure and indulgence)"

Ciao Mary Rose! Take lots of pictures!


Sue V said...

Take me with you Mary Rose! Have a great time and eat lots of sweets!

luckygirlgifts said...

I desperately want to learn French. I took it for two years and have been there twice. I can speak enough to barely communicate. I would love to be fluent. My "bucket list" place to visit would be either London or Giza (pyramids).I hope your friend has a fabulous time. Italy is great.
Cari B.